CIFA’s latest concrete pump

CIFA is now offering a high-performance, truck-mounted concrete pump with a 56m reach. The new K56L replaces the earlier K55L and benefits from improved performance and features. The machine is part of CIFA’s Steeltech range and is said to offer smart solutions, ease of use, robustness and, at the same time, lightness.
October 3, 2022
CIFA’s new K56L, truck-mounted concrete pump competes in the 50-60m reach class
CIFA’s new K56L, truck-mounted concrete pump competes in the 50-60m reach class

According tothe firm, the new K56L offers improved reliability over the 55m model and is also a tougher and easier to maintain model with a lower total cost of ownership. The K56L pump is a versatile, heavy-duty machine and suits duties on large construction sites. It is available with three different pumping units: the HP1606H open circuit; the HP1608EC; and the HP1808ECX closed circuit. The HP1808ECX pump offers a throughput of 180m3/h at 81bars, featuring a closed loop system. The HP1608EC offers a throughput of 160m3/h at 80bars, again with a closed loop system. The HP1606H offers a throughput of 160m3/h at 53bars and has an open loop system.

The package can be mounted on a 10x4 chassis for the European market or on an 8x4 chassis for countries with fewer transport restrictions.

A key feature is the electronic management system, called Smartronic. This is said to make operations safe and easy and offers smart management of the various functions. The Steeltech K56L has a five section-boom with the firm’s RZ configuration, allowing high vertical extension without complex placing operations. The new upperstructure and external piping combine to make maintenance easier, as well as being more compact.

The CIFA Vista telemetry system is available as an option and allows users to manage and monitor the equipment fleet. The system can be used to manage maintenance intervals, store performance parameters and report any fault or error message.

The X-type stabiliser system has been simplified and improved. The front outriggers have now a single telescopic extension, reducing opening time and saving space on the ground. The rear outriggers have been reinforced and extended and also have two integrated plastic tanks with capacities of 600litres for fuel and water. Combined with the sophisticated controls, the new stabiliser design is said to make placing operations faster and simpler, as well as safer. An asymmetric outrigger configuration is also available as an option.

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