Concrete plant for Mali contractor

A contractor in Mali has increased its concrete production capabilities with the addition of a third Eurotec ECO concrete batching plant. The new ECO90 joins the existing ECO30 and ECO50 machines already used by the firm, Z For Mining (ZFM).
Materials / June 19, 2023
Contractor ZFM in Mali has added an ECO90 plant from Eurotec to its production capabilities, bringing its range of units from the firm to three
Contractor ZFM in Mali has added an ECO90 plant from Eurotec to its production capabilities, bringing its range of units from the firm to three

The new ECO90 plant is located in Mali’s capital Bamako and will be used by ZFM to supply high-quality concrete to local contractors.

ZFM has been keen on Eurotec machinery ever since it acquired its first model, a second-hand ECO30, from a local contractor in 2013. The company, which provides contracting services such as road building and the civil works across the West African nation, immediately set the plant to work. Soon after this, ZFM acquired a brand-new ECO50 model that was used for shotcreting underground tunnels. Daily production output of both the ECO30 and the ECO50 varied between 10-100m3 in response to the needs of the project and client requests.

Most recently, ZFM took delivery of a new Eurotec ECO90. This plant has begun operations and is supplying ready-mix concrete to local contractors. With an output of up to 90m3/hour with mixer size at 2m3 per batch, the ECO90 features a cement weigher and water weigher, both of which are accurately metered using load cells. Optional additive weighers can also operate in conjunction with Eurotec’s in-house developed ECS process control system software. The ECS program runs on Windows OS and helps to produce a precise and consistent blend. The steel structure and interior abrasion-proof linings of the ECO90’s twin-shaft mixer are said to ensure durable performance while mixing particles of up to 150mm in diameter.

After arriving onsite, the plants can be installed quickly as they need minimal foundations. The aggregate bins are designed to enable materials to be loaded easily, with minimal ramps.

Zeidan Zeidan, managing director, ZFM said, “With our long experience and strong reputation in the construction sector, it is vital that we continue to deliver the best possible service to our clients, and this is why we add extra value by hiring expat operators to oversee production. These operators have been highly trained in the art of producing concrete in the optimum way, as well as efficiently carrying out preventive maintenance to ensure our plants always remain operational and ready to serve.”

Both online and in-person customer service are said to ensure that should issues arise with the plants, they are swiftly identified and resolved.

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