Eurotec batching plant for Madagascar port development

A Eurotec batching plant has played an important role for a Madagascar port development project.
Materials / April 13, 2023 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
 A Eurotec batching plant has played an important role in development of a port facility in Madagascar
A Eurotec batching plant has played an important role in development of a port facility in Madagascar

A Japanese contractor bought its second Eurotec ECO60 concrete batching plant, which has been used for a port development project in Madagascar. 

The contractor is a long-time customer of Lintec & Linnhoff and had been very satisfied with the performance of its Eurotec ECO60 concrete batching plant, as well as the aftersales support from the supplier. So when the firm won a contract for the Toamasina project on Madagascar’s east coast, it ordered the second unit to support its work on the Toamasina Port Development Project (Phase 2). 

“This customer always has a need for high productivity and reliable plant, which is why they took advantage of the ECO60 plant’s performance and reliability. In order to meet the new project’s requirements for more complex concrete mix designs, they upgraded that first ECO60 model from three aggregate bins to five bins,” explained R Sakthi, CEO, Lintec & Linnhoff Concrete. “So after they witnessed it could deliver the high performance they wanted, they ordered another ECO60 plant with five aggregate bins.”

The ECO60’s modularised structure allows fast installation and easy maintenance. It started producing a consistent mix of concrete volume for a range of tasks on the Toamasina Port Development Project. 

The new quay and container storage area, already the largest commercial port in Madagascar, is expected to increase Toamasina’s port handling capacity. On top of that, the deepened berths allow more and larger cargo and container ships to dock.

The stationary Eurotec ECO60 provides an affordable and reliable solution for customers requiring an economical concrete batching plant with high-quality concrete. The customer can also customise the number of aggregate bins (three-six inline bins) according to a project’s mix requirements.

The model produces up to 60m3/hour of ready-mix concrete in batches of 1m3. The consistency of the mix is ensured by the weighing and batching systems that are metered using load cells. This is managed with Eurotec’s own in-house ECS process-control system software that runs on Windows OS for fully automatic operations. 

A twin-shaft mixer, 100% manufactured in Italy, supports high-volume production and rigorous mixing intensity. Its robust steel structure and thick interior abrasion-proof linings ensure long-lasting durability. Located at 90° intervals, the double-mixing spiral paddle structure delivers greater abrasion-resistance and high-performance production than conventional mixers. This is a valuable advantage when blending materials with particle sizes from 120-150mm.

The long-running Toamasina Port redevelopment program has already witnessed major improvements, with port handling capacity rising from just 60tonnes/day to 2,500tonnes/day. In addition, bottlenecks that would see full containers waiting for an average of 20 days have been eliminated. 

Toamasina now handles 90% of Madagascar’s container traffic and more than 80% of all the country’s trade traffic, making it a leading regional hub with connections to Africa, Asia, Europe and the Gulf states. The latest phase of the project is set to make a significant contribution to Madagascar’s economic development. It has already accelerated other new projects across the country, leading to increased investment in mining and cement production.  

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