Material reduction process in Mexico

Materials / October 9, 2019

A quarrying operation in Mexico has switched to using a drum cutting attachment supplied by 283 MB Crusher, instead of using explosives for blasting. The customer says that this change in working operations has delivered major benefits in terms of efficiency. The company is now able to deliver a more consistent grade of material in terms of both quality and size. Using the drum cutter attachment ensures that there are lower waste fines produced, as well as no over-sized material requiring secondary breaking at additional cost. At the same time, the quarry floor is no more regular and even, reducing wear and tear on loading and hauling equipment that will likely result in reduced maintenance costs for crawler tracks and tyres.

Safety and security needs have also been addressed by removing the explosives from the working site. There is far less risk of flyrock from the working area, while there is a reduced need for site security now that explosives are no longer used. Noise and disturbance to the surrounding area has also been reduced considerably, without the need for blasting.

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