Komatsu unveils earthmoving digitalisation venture

Komatsu has unveiled its latest earthmoving digitalisation venture.
Engines, Components & Tyres / December 8, 2021 1 minute Read
By liam McLoughlin
Komatsu's Smart Construction venture provides a family of solutions for earthmoving projects from bidding to reporting
Komatsu's Smart Construction technology venture that specialises in the digital transformation of earthmoving has announced a partnership with Kuhn Bohemia, a subsidiary of Komatsu distributor Kuhn Group.

The link-up will see Kuhn Bohemia deliver digital transformation to customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by offering day-to-day services supporting Smart Construction solutions such as equipment rental, 3D data creation, jobsite set up and on-site advisory.

Quarrying and construction machinery supplier Komatsu says that the Kuhn Bohemia and Smart Construction teams will learn in detail how they can help local customers improve and digitally transform their business. Based on this knowledge, Smart Construction will continuously improve the existing solutions and provide new ones to meet the customers’ needs.

In Europe, Smart Construction partners are currently active in six countries. Smart Construction plans to strengthen and grow its partnership network across Europe.

“Kuhn Bohemia is focused on complex services for our customers," said Daniel Sys, MD of Kuhn Bohemia. "We would like to offer solutions and services complementary to machine sales, such as 3D technology services, based on the best platform. We believe Smart Construction is the only right way and implementing Smart Construction will increase our Komatsu intelligent Machine Control (iMC) machine sales."

Smart Construction deputy general manager Richard Clement said that the combination of the local knowledge on construction standards and methods from Kuhn Bohemia and the global knowledge from the Smart Construction team will form a powerful force of change which can then be applied to the customer’s unique requirements.

“Smart Construction is about creating value for our customers through digital transformation of earthmoving, it’s therefore essential that we have a strong local presence with a partner who has a great experience supporting of digital services for the jobsite," said Clement.

Komatsu's Smart Construction technology venture was first introduced in 2015 to improve efficiency and address the labour shortage faced by the Japanese construction industry. It is now active across Japan, Europe, North America and Australia, providing a family of solutions that accompanies earthmoving projects from bidding to reporting.
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