Long lasting tyres from Magna

Magna Tyre Group has introduced a new tyre for articulated dump trucks (ADTs) that is designed to optimise productivity in harsh environments.
Engines, Components & Tyres / July 5, 2019
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The Magna MA02+ tyre is available in the popular size 875/65R29 for ADTs operating in both moderate and difficult conditions.

Magna says that extensive wear on the tyres is minimal thanks to the superior compound and protected sidewall, which also guarantee the tyres to be less prone to cuts and punctures.

The tyre weighs 792kg, has a tread depth of 48mm, a 27mm rim, 1,850mm overall diameter and 850mm section width. An extra feature on the Magna MA02+ is the E3 self-cleaning tread which is designed to ensure exceptional grip and stability on the most demanding terrains, which Magna says makes the tyre ideal for a range of different industrial purposes.