Puncture-proof tyre from Michelin

Michelin has unveiled its innovative X TWEEL SSL 2 AT and HST 12N16.5 ─ the puncture-proof tyre.
Engines, Components & Tyres / November 5, 2019
Tweel SSL 2 Case.jpg
Michelin’s novel Tweel offers a puncture-proof tyre design for use on compact machines

This unit is aimed at the market for skid steer loaders and is available in both an all-terrain (AT) and a hard-surface version (HST). This is Michelin’s first embedded eight-bolt hub that is interlocked mechanically to increase durability.

The TWEEL SSL 2 is designed with an improved shear beam construction that maximises core life, a new spoke formulation that provides up to 10 times greater spoke life and a maximum load of 2tonnes.

The TWEEL offers the advantages of no maintenance, no compromise and no downtime. The X TWEEL SSL requires no air, thereby eliminating the risk of a flat tire, allowing users to stay in operation with limited downtime to maximize profitability. The X TWEEL SSL also delivers the advantages of easy mounting, damage resistance, exceptional operator comfort, reduced operator fatigue, improved productivity and longer wear life than standard pneumatic tyres.

The outer core tread can be retreaded multiple times for an effective overall cost of ownership. These tyres are being offered in North America at the moment but will be available in other markets in the future.

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