Puncture-proof tyre from Michelin

Michelin is offering its puncture-proof X TWEEL SSL 2 AT and HST 12N16.5 - tyre models for use on compact machines.
Engines, Components & Tyres / February 17, 2020
Michelin’s Tweel tyre
Suited use on compact machines, Michelin’s Tweel tyre is puncture-proof

The novel design is available in both an all-terrain (AT) and a hard-surface version (HST). The design features an embedded eight-bolt hub that is interlocked mechanically, increasing durability.

The TWEEL SSL 2 benefits from an improved shear beam construction that maximises core life. It also has a new spoke design offering up to 10 times greater spoke life and features a maximum load of 2tonnes.

Maintenance-free, the X TWEEL SSL requires no air and as a result, cannot be punctured. The firm says that its X TWEEL SSL is also easy to fit and long-lasting, while providing a smoother ride than previous generation puncture-proof tyres. The working life is further extended as the outer core tread can be retreaded multiple times.

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