El Salvador’s 2022 infrastructure budget

El Salvador prioritises infrastructure for its 2022 budget.
Finance & Funding / November 26, 2021 17 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Infrastructure will benefit in El Salvador in 2022 – image courtesy of © Aldorado10, Dreamstime.com
Infrastructure will benefit from El Salvador's 2022 budget. Around 95% of the budget for 2022 will be targeted at improving infrastructure in the country.

El Salvador's Ministry for Public Works will manage the projects and will have over US$332 million to spend on a series of works. El Salvador’s road maintenance fund, Fovial, will receive a substantial budget. Meanwhile, $113.7 million will be used to carry out works such as the San Miguel Bypass, the La Hachadura Bridge and the Los Chorros viaduct. Construction work on the Los Chorros viaduct will commence in 2022.