Brazil’s road budget at lowest for years

Brazil’s road budget is at its lowest for 10 years.
Finance & Funding / February 9, 2022 20 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Brazil needs to address the poor condition of its roads, but budgets are still being cut instead – image courtesy of © Choneschones,
Brazil desperately needs to improve its road network, which has been widely criticised for its poor condition. However, in spite of this major problem for efficient transport, the road budget for 2022 will be the lowest for 10 years.

The country’s national department for transport infrastructure, Dnit, will have a budget of just US$1.12 billion to improve road conditions. This compares poorly with the peak spending of $1.93 billion seen in 2014.

Maintenance and upgrade work needs to be carried out to improve Brazil’s roads. A report by the National Transport Confederation (CNT) shows that 6.9% of roads are in terrible condition in Brazil, with a  further 16.3% in bad condition. Just 38.6% of Brazil’s roads are in adequate condition according to CNT.