Brazil’s new highway deal announced

Brazil has announced a major new highway deal.
Road Structures / May 11, 2021 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
An important highway project has been awarded in Brazil to a consortium – image courtesy of © Raja Rc,
A consortium is now to handle the upgrade project for Brazil’s BR-153 highway route. The stretch of BR-153 to be improved measures nearly 851km and connects Alianca do Toncantins with Anapolis.

Widening work will be carried out along a 623km stretch of the route, in addition with other upgrades to improve safety. Improvements to the route are expected to total US$1.42 billion. The work is expected to help Brazil's struggling economy, both in generating new jobs and providing an economic boost through extra transport and trade.

The consortium working on the project comprises Brazilian road company Ecorodovias and the logistics company GLP. Work to this stretch of BR-153 was originally awarded in 2014 but the group awarded the concession did not meet the requirements so the right to the route were then taken over again by the Brazilian Government in 2017.
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