Funding boost for Colombia’s rural roads

A funding boost will help improve Colombia’s rural roads.
Finance & Funding / October 11, 2022 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Colombia’s rural roads will benefit from improvements – image courtesy of © Butenkow,

The Colombian Government is setting a budget that will target improvement and maintenance works for the country’s rural roads. According to research by Colombia's National Institute of Roads (INVIAS), just 10% of the country’s rural road network is in good order. A budget of US$1.74 billion has been set for the necessary road upgrades and maintenance works.

This marks a significant change in direction for Colombia. The country has concentrated in recent years on building major highway links, including bridges and tunnels, between the key centres. Improving rural roads also will provide a much needed economic boost to towns and villages that have not so far benefited from the highway construction programmes.



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