Colombian road focus change

A change in focus is coming for Colombian roads.
Maintenance / September 22, 2022 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Colombia will focus on developing rural roads and trunk routes - image courtesy of - image courtesy of © Butenkow,

Colombia intends to change its focus on road development works. The country has until now concentrated on developing key highway links between cities and major towns as part of the 5G programme. However, the Colombian Government is now looking to carry out more projects to further develop its trunk routes and rural roads.

The four-year plan is expected to come with a pricetag of US$1..07 billion. Between 35,000 and 40,000km of peripheral roads will benefit from improvement works, maintenance and overall upgrades under the plan.

Meanwhile, work will also be carried out on road connections for Cali and Palmira. The work forms part of the 5G programme and will be handled by a consortium, Concesionarias Rutas del Valle, comprising Patria Investments and Mercantil Colpatria.

The 18-year concession package is being funded by Bancolombia, FDN and FCP Deuda Infraestructura II Sura-Credicorp Capital fund. The improvements have $334 million of funding.

In addition, the 85km route connecting Pasto and Rumichaca is close to completion. The project forms part of Colombia’s 4G programme and is costing $556.5 million.