German road expansion programme

A German road expansion programme is being proposed.
Finance & Funding / February 14, 2023 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Germany may need to expand its road network further to meet transport demand – image © courtesy of Mike Woof

Road freight is expected to grow on Germany’s road system, requiring an expansion of the network. According to the Federal Transport Ministry, road freight grew 34% for 2021 and hit 5.7 billion tonnes compared with the 4.37 billion tonnes for 2019. 

To deal with this huge jump in road freight, the Federal Transport Ministry sees the need for the road network to be expanded, with new road and bridges. At the same time, existing routes and structures would have to be widened and strengthened.

If road freight continues to grow, the existing network will be subject to delays. This will cause additional transport costs as well as more exhaust pollution.

However, the current administration involves a coalition government that includes the green party, which is resistant to expanding the road network and building new autobahn links. 

The topic will be the subject of further discussions. A budget for the proposed works has yet to be revealed.