Iraq plans road and bridge works

Iraq is planning a series of road and bridge works.
Finance & Funding / May 11, 2020 40 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Bridge and road link work is planned for Mosul in Iraq - image © courtesy of Fatih Polat,

Work is being planned in Iraq for a series of road and bridge projects. The tender process is being planned for tenders for five projects to builds roads and bridges.

The bidding process is being extended for the projects due to the current Corona Virus pandemic. The works are being planned for Mosul, in Northern Nineveh Governate, as well as for Diyala Governate and Saladin Governate.

Funding will be provided by the World Bank. The work is intended to help improve Iraq’s struggling economy.

Two bridges in Mosul will be rebuilt. Main roads will benefit from rebuilding work in Mosul, Diyala Governate and Saladin Governate also.

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