New routes planned in and around Russian cities

New routes are being planned in and around Russia’s two biggest cities.
Finance & Funding / January 5, 2022 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
New road works are planned for the regions around Russia’s two major cities – image courtesy of © Zerbor,
New highway routes will help traffic flow in and around Russia’s two biggest cities, the capital Moscow, as well as the country’s second city, St Petersburg.

A new 36km highway in the Moscow Region is planned and is expected to cost US$841.7 million to construct. Financing for the project will be provided by Gazprombank, while it will be operated under a concession package and is due for completion in 2026.
There are plans in Moscow for the construction of 83km of roads in 2022, with the network to be extended by a total of 285km by the end of 2024. Over 70km of roads were built in 2021 in the city. Priority is being given to new connections with the key ‘chord’ routes that radiate out from the centre and link with the city’s ring roads. In addition, five new bridges will be built in the city by 2024 while five new bridges were completed in 2021.
A loan package worth $122 million will pay for road works in the Leningrad Region around St Petersburg. This will help pay for a series of road works in the region. Key projects being planned include the Murino Bypass, a new connection between Kudrovo and the Murmansk Highways and rebuilding and maintenance works to the Koltushi Highway.
A decision has yet to be made regarding the alignment for St Petersburg’s Second Ring Road. One of the routes being proposed is expected to cost around $2.38 billion. The chosen route looks likely to be announced in the second quarter of 2022.