Siberian highway improvement project planned

A massive Siberian highway improvement project is planned.
Finance & Funding / May 12, 2021 15 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new highway project will be carried out in the Novosibirsk region of Siberia – image courtesy of © Liskonogaleksey,
A budget has been established for the Southern Transit Road project planned for the Novosibirsk region of Siberia. Building the 26km of road required is expected to cost US$664.6 million.

Construction is expected to commence in 2023. Completion of the route is planned for the 2026-2027 period. A series of loans will form a significant portion of the funding package required for the project. 
The Russian Government is keen to develop the economy of this area of Siberia. Improved transport links will boost economic development across Siberia as well as Russia as a whole.