US$110.6 million for modular bridges in Togo

US$110.6 million is being invested on modular bridges in Togo.
Finance & Funding / April 4, 2024 42.5 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Togo is installing modular bridges as part of a wider programme to improve access to rural areas, which also includes ensuring roads are not flooded during the rainy season – image © courtesy of Mike Woof

The West African nation of Togo is to benefit from US$110.6 million being spent on the installation of 21 modular bridges. These will be erected in the country’s Plateaux Region, improving transport connections.

The bridges will be erected by a French contractor, Matière. The bridges will be of concrete and steel components. The first will be installed at Kolidè. Around 76% of the funding for the modular bridge project will be provided by France, while the Togo Government will supply the remaining 23%.

The project is part of a wider programme by the Togo Government that is intended to boost transport connections to and from the country’s rural areas. Many rural roads are being surfaced as part of the programme to boost transport, as the current dirt roads can prove impassable during the rainy season.