Bogota road improvements planned

Bogota road improvement works are being planned.
Maintenance / September 3, 2020 20 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Colombia’s capital, Bogota, is now moving ahead with road improvement works - image © courtesy of David Arminas

Plans are in hand for a series of road improvement works in Colombia’s capital, Bogota. Close to US$202 million will be spent on road upgrades in the city.

The work is being planned by Bogota council’s road maintenance division, UMV. In all, the plan calls for improvement works to 1,379km of roads in the city. Of these roads, 80km are key arterial links while 1,265km are for local roads and 34km are rural roads. The city council also intends to boost mobility for vulnerable road users, with plans for 60km of cycle lanes included in Bogota’s transport development plans.

Bogota’s council is now moving ahead with its four-year development plan, having recently ratified the programme of works.