Iran roads upgrade works planned

A programme of road upgrade works is being planned for Iran.
Maintenance / June 8, 2020 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Iran is planning to upgrade road links - image © courtesy of Sjankauskas,

Iran has set out plans to upgrade some 5,000km of roads across the country. A budget of US$476 million has been set for the work, which will see new asphalt surfaces being laid.

The repairs are needed as roads in Iran have been badly damaged by tough winter weather over the last 24 months. The work has been prioritised on stretches with the most severe damage.

Survey work has shown that some 20,000km of trunk roads and 2,400km of highways in Iran are in a poor state and require maintenance and repairs. In all, 36,000km of roads need to be repaired.

A number of resurfacing projects are underway on key stretches of highway at present, with links to the capital, Tehran, having been prioritised. However, to improve all the roads in poor state, including those with moderate and low levels of damage, would cost an estimated $2.8 billion/year.