Iranian road works planned

A programme of Iranian road works is being planned.
Road Structures / September 24, 2021 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Iran’s major road network is to benefit from upgrade work – image courtesy of © Norman Chan,
Iran is to benefit from a major programme of road upgrade works. A budget of US$1.07 billion will be required to improve 10 key highway stretches. The work will be carried out over the coming two years should the programme go to plan. The improvement work is being planned by the Transport and Urban Development Ministry.

A wider programme of road development works is also being planned by the Transport and Urban Development Ministry. This will see Iran’s freeway network being extended to a total of 10,000km. The roads linking Kashan with Natanz and Isfahan, Qom with Kashan, Qazvin with Rasht, Zanjan with Tabriz, Qzadvin with Zamjan and Qazvan with Zarjan are being prioritised for improvement and maintenance works. Upgrades to these freeways will take six years to complete, although a budget has yet to be revealed.

Upgraded roads will allow for efficient transport within Iran and also with its neighbours, such as Armenia. The road improvement works will also go some way to improve Iran’s poor road safety record.