Road improvement and maintenance work for Gabon

Road improvement and maintenance work is being planned for Gabon.
Maintenance / February 13, 2023 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Road upgrades are planned for Gabon – image © courtesy of Rosevite2000,

A series of road improvements and maintenance works are being planned for Gabon in central Africa. The country’s economy will be boosted by the programme of works, being organised by the Ministry of Public Works.

This emergency programme will carry out improvements and maintenance works for trunk routes as well as the country’s many dirt roads. Upgrade work is planned for 1,452km of dirt roads. The country’s Economic Road that connects capital Libreville with Alembe, Likongo, Lastoursville and Franceville is one of the routes that will benefit from the work. Gabon's 10,000km road network has suffered from neglect over many years with 80% of the routes in poor condition. 

Funding for the improvements will be sourced from the Gabon state budget as well as from the firms working in the country’s forestry, mining and oil industries.