Road tunnel revamp work for Belgium

Road tunnel revamp work is being planned for Belgium.
Maintenance / June 23, 2020 20 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Belgium will revamp 55 road tunnels by 2030 – image © courtesy of Destina156,

Belgium’s Wallonia Province will revamp 55 road tunnels. The work is expected to cost €90 million.

The upgrade work should be complete by 2030. Around 50% of the work will be for seven of the biggest and most important tunnel sections. These are located in Liège and in the centre of Charleroi.

The tender process for the tunnel works has yet to be announced.

The work is needed to bring the tunnel sections into line with the latest European safety requirements. The improvements will also help with capacity, as well as ensuring the structure of each of the tunnel stretches remains stabilised.