Saudi funding for Cameroon road projects?

Funding from Saudi Arabia could pay for Cameroon road projects.
Maintenance / November 1, 2023 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Financing from Saudi Arabai could pay for road works in Cameroon – image courtesy of © Liskonogaleksey|

The financing needed for two road projects in Northern Cameroon could be provided via The Saudi Fund for Development (SDF). The road works are expected to cost just over US$472 million.

One of the projects is for maintenance and repair works to the 240km road connecting Ngaoundere and Garoua. The other project is for construction works on a 78km road that will connect Sorawel with Guider-Mayo Oulo and Dourbeye.

The road works will be of enormous economic benefit for Cameroon, improving transport in the north of the country and boosting its international connections.

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