High performance wheeled loaders from Kramer

Kramer claims that its new, compact 5035 and 5040 wheeled loaders deliver increased performance. The machines have high power ratings and benefit from low emissions engines that meet the Stage V/Tier 4 Final requirements.
Maintenance / October 16, 2020
High performance is claimed for the new Kramer compact wheeled loaders
High performance is claimed for the new Kramer compact wheeled loaders

The proven 5035 model now has an 18.5kW Yanmar engine, a bucket tipping load of 1.14tonnes and an operating weight of 1.92tonnes. Meanwhile, the new 5040 model is an all-wheel-steer loader equipped with a 28.5kW Yanmar engine. The machine has an operating weight of 2.07tonnes, in addition to a bucket tipping load of 1.4tonnes. Both models have a new cab design, as well as low clearance heights and compact dimensions for use in narrow working areas.

The machines are built on a new framework that is said to combine manoeuvrability with stability. The three types of steering also provide a plus in terms of flexibility. All-wheel-steering, front wheel steering and crab steering options can be selected for the first time for this class size.

Working features include a Power Mode, an Eco Mode and a Low-Speed Control option. The firm’s quick coupler system is offered and helps when changing attachments. High lift and tearout forces are claimed, in addition to precise parallel guidance due to Z-kinematics. The 5040 wheeled loader has optional powerflow auxiliary hydraulics. 

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