Recycling drilling mud with MB Crusher

A unit from Italian attachment specialist MB Crusher is offering a good return on investment for a contractor in Argentina.
Maintenance / December 5, 2019
MB-S18 - Cat 320D - Argentina - Environmental remediation - TAR (4).jpg
Using an MB-S18 unit from MB Crusher has allowed a contractor in Argentina to boost working efficiency

The company is using the tool for an unusual task, treating hazardous waste derived from soil drilling. The firm uses the unit to separate the aqueous and solid portions of the drilling mud in the presence of oil. The firm acquired an MB-S18 screening bucket for this task and mounted the unit on a Caterpillar excavator to separate the materials as required. This operation has allowed the firm to reuse the materials to produce new drilling mud. Carrying out this operation effectively has delivered key cost benefits to the user, allowing the company to boost the profitability of its operations overall.

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