Tough demolition tools from Brokk

Brokk now offers three new concrete crusher models; the CC440, CC480 and CC580. The attachments, made by its German sister company, Darda, offer contractors high-performance tools and are said to boost operator safety and productivity.
Maintenance / February 3, 2020
The ICC concrete crushers
The ICC concrete crushers from Brokk’s sister firm Darda are said to offer durability and performance

The three new crushers are equipped with a newly designed pressure booster, which allows them to operate independently of the carrier’s working pressure, increasing speed and crushing forces. When used in high-pressure mode, the new models offer faster operation and jaw closing than their predecessors. The crushers suit duties in challenging applications, where reinforced concrete is present. In addition, the CC series offers low noise operation, suiting them for jobsites with strict noise restrictions, where tools such as hydraulic hammers, would be too noisy.

With large jaw openings and a crushing force from 44-54tonnes depending on model, the new crushers can handle concrete slabs from 440-560mm)thick. Additionally, all three crushers can cut through rebar up to 30mm in diameter, while keeping to the same size and weight class as their predecessors.

The new models are available with Darda’s standard features, including wear-resistant, replaceable steel alloy crusher tips and cutter blades, as well as 360o rotation. Additional teeth are available for greater efficiency and crushing, enabling higher breaking forces.

Despite their compact size, Darda crushers are claimed to deliver similar performance to larger, heavier models. When paired with a Brokk machine, the new concrete crushers can be controlled with a belt-mounted remote-control box, allowing operators to work from a safe distance without risk of vibration, silica dust-related health issues or falling debris.

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