Versatile demolition cutter

Attachment specialist Darda says that its versatile universal cutter delivers high power and productivity for demolition work.
Maintenance / February 12, 2020
MC300 demolition tool from Darda
Versatility is claimed for the durable MC300 demolition tool from Darda

The new Multi Cutter MC300 unit shares features with the smaller MC200 model from the firm. The new tool weighs in at 290kg, allowing it to be used with carriers weighing from 2.5-9tonnes.

The unit has a 350mm opening width and delivers a cutting force of 60tonnes. It is also suited for use with the B200 or B300 remote-controlled Brokk demolition robots.

Described as rugged and durable, the MC300 is said to offer a slim design and manoeuvrability. This makes the unit an economical cutting tool for use with small carriers, even when working in difficult to access places. Its regrindable and replaceable cutting blades also offer easy maintenance and low wear costs.

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