Romania road tender reopening

A major Romanian road tender is reopening.
February 9, 2023 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Important new road links are planned for Romania – image courtesy of © Bigandt,

Bidding is reopening on the tender process for a major highway project in Romania, while work is now underway on another key route. 

The bidding is for two stretches of the Transylvania Highway project between Zalau and Nusfalau as well as Poarta Salajului and Zalau. The previous tender process was cancelled with the bidding then reopened by the Romanian Road Infrastructure Manager CNAIR.

Increases in construction costs have caused the tender process to reopen. The project is complex and includes building 41km of road, 65 bridges or viaduct sections and tunnels totalling 2.8km in length. The finance package will be delivered via the Transport Operational Programme.

Meanwhile, construction work for the 33.6km Galati Ring Road is due to commence. The project is costing close to €171 million and will connect Galati with Girugiulesti in neighbouring Moldova. Construction work for the route will include driving a tunnel and building a number of interchanges. The new road will also connect through to the new Braila Bridge, currently close to completion.