Bolivian road project tender reopens

The tender process is reopening for a Bolivian road project.
Road Structures / November 25, 2021 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
The tender process is open once more for a road project in Bolivia – image courtesy of © StargazeStudio,
The tender process is being rerun for a key road upgrade project in Bolivia. The project is for the widening of the road connecting Sucre and Yamparaez. The plan is to turn the road into a dual carriageway, featuring two lanes in either direction. This will improve safety for drivers, a key issue for Bolivia, and also boost capacity on the route.

The tender is being rerun as the initial bids for the project in the previous tender did not meet the requirements. The five previous bidders, comprising Chinese and Latin American contractors, are all being given the chance to resubmit new tenders for the work. The tender process is being managed by Bolivia's state-owned road company, ABC.