Construction resumes for Bolivian tunnel link

Construction work is resuming for a major Bolivian tunnel link.
Road Structures / May 30, 2023 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Work is restarting for Bolivia’s Incachuasi Tunnel project - image courtesy of Mauro Nogarin

Construction work is restarting for Bolivia’s important Incahuasi Tunnel project. The work is being carried out by Contratos Mineros e Inversiones. A further 270m of the tunnel has yet to be built. Financial issues have delayed the construction of the link, located at an altitude of 1,300m. Issues with higher than expected levels of groundwater in the sandstone did cause technical challenges for the tunnel excavation work. 

The Incachuasi tunnel forms part of the 96km Monteagudo-Ipati highway project. The Incahuasi Tunnel alignment measures 1,260m in length. 

The tunnel is located in Bolivia’s southern region and forms part of the Integration Corridor Diagonal Jaime Mendoza. The Machacamarquita - Sucre - Hito Villazon Road connection is of importance for Bolivia as it connects to the border with Paraguay.

The tunnel is of economic importance for Bolivia as the route will help speed up the transit of heavy and light vehicles from the highlands toward the valleys and plains. This will deliver a new transport corridor to the borders with Paraguay and Argentina, with the aim of increasing trade to and from Bolivia.