Colombia’s major new road

Colombia’s major new road project will be costly.
Road Structures / February 1, 2023 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Planning is underway for a major road project in Colombia – image courtesy of © Norman Chan,

A hefty price tag looks likely for construction work on the new road linking the Colombian cities of Pasto and Popayan. Estimates suggest the work is likely to cost from US$2.6 billion to $3 billion. Planning for the project is already underway and is being managed by the Transport Ministry. Pasto lies in the south of the country and is close to the border with Ecuador, so the project will also help the country's international transport links.

Meanwhile, keeping road toll charges static during 2023 may impact heavily on nine road projects underway in Colombia. These include widening work for the route linking capital Bogota with Girardot, the Norte Phase 1 project, the road linking Girardot with Ibaque and Cajamarca and the route linking Girardot with Neiva. They also include the road lining Antioquia and Bolivar and the road connecting Chirajara with Fundadores.