Guatemala’s new bridge will cut traffic delays

Guatemala’s new bridge will cut congestion and traffic delays.
Road Structures / November 22, 2023 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new bridge will improve transport within Guatemala - image courtesy of © Rose Joy Villote|

Construction is now underway for an important bridge project in Guatemala City. Building the Belice II bridge is expected to cost US$229.65 million.

Once the work is complete, it will improve traffic flow in the city, reducing congestion and journey times. The new bridge will also deliver an improved connection to the country’s Atlantic Coast.

However, there have been delays and the completion date for the work remains unclear. The project was originally intended to be ready for traffic by the third quarter of 2027.

The new bridge is part of a 5km connection, linking with the important CA9 Central American Highway. The route will feature two lanes in either direction as well as emergency lanes.

Building the new bridge will reduce congestion on the existing Belice Bridge, which is proving unable to cope with current traffic volumes. The maintenance needs of the existing bridge link have also been a cause for concern as the structure has suffered a number of technical issues.