Guatemala’s new US$140 million highway

Guatemala is planning a new US$140 million highway.
Road Structures / July 5, 2024 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new highway in Guatemala will speed transport between its largest port, Puerta Quetzal, and the industrial city of Escuintla, boosting exports – image courtesy of © Klodien|

A new highway costing US$140 million is being planned for Guatemala and is expected to take two years to construct once work commences. The necessary financing package for the project is being sourced from local banks in the form of a series of loans.

The new highway will speed transport between Escuintla and Puerto Quetzal, playing a significant role for the country’s economic future. The route is important as Escuintla is a major industrial city for Guatemala while Puerto Quetzal is the country’s largest port. This boost to transport will increase the country’s exports and help develop Guatemala’s economy.

The project is being managed by Marhnos Guatemala, a subsidiary of Convia.