Indonesian bridge project being planned

A massive Indonesian bridge project is being planned.
Road Structures / September 7, 2021 17 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New bridge links will connect Batan Island with Bintan Island in Indonesia – image courtesy of © Tony Bosse,
Planning is underway for a massive bridge project in Indonesia. The new bridge is intended to link Batam Island with Bintan Island, lying immediately to the south of Singapore. The work will improve transport for these two northerly Indonesian islands.

In all the bridge will have to measure a total of 7km and will be split into two sections as a result. A 2km bridge will link Batam Island with Tanjung Sauh Island, while a 5km bridge will link Tanjung Sauh Island and Bintan Island. Construction of this double bridge project is expected to cost over US$946 million, with the Indonesian Government presently securing the necessary finance.