New Chinese road projects

Major new Chinese road projects are being planned.
Road Structures / August 17, 2020 1 minute 10 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New expressway projects are planned for China’s Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province – image © courtesy of Elena Kovaleva,

Several new road projects are being planned in China’s Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province.

A new expressway will connect Chengjiang and Huaning, featuring a design speed of 100km/h. The 63.3km expressway project will cost an estimated US$1.86 billion.

Plans are being drawn up for a new expressway connecting Guangnan Nasa with Xichou Xingjie, with the construction work estimated at $1.61 billion. The link will measure close to 59km in length and will have a design speed of 80km/h. The project will require 36 months of construction time and is being handled under the PPP model, with the package being for a period of 33 years including the time needed to build the route.

Also planned for Yunnan Province is a new expressway between Quibei and Yanshan. The 64km link is expected to cost $1.54 billion to construct and will feature a design speed of 100km/h. One of the major challenges of the work will be the construction of the 16 tunnels needed along the route, which will stretch a total of 15.2km. Building the expressway will take an estimated 36 months and including the construction time, the PPP package is for a period of 33 years.

Meanwhile in Guizhou Province, China Gezhouba Group Road & Bridge has won a package of works for the construction of two highway projects. The firm will work on the new highway connecting Nayong with Qinglong as well as the highway between Liuzhi and Anlong. The two projects are worth a total of some $8.68 billion. China Gezhouba Group Road & Bridge’s share of the contracts is worth an estimated $1.27 billion.