Chinese transport plan for Shenzhen

A huge Chinese transport development programme is planned for Shenzhen in China.
Finance & Funding / January 25, 2022 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Transport development plans are being drawn up for Shenzhen in China – image © courtesy of Indos82,
A major transport development plan has been drawn up for Shenzhen in China. The programme will span three years and will see a budget of US$2.46 billion directed towards road as well as rail expansion and improvement works.

A total of 216 projects for road and rail improvements will be funded. Of this, 140 ongoing projects will be completed while work on  further 60 will commence. Meanwhile, plans will be drawn up for the remaining 16 projects.

A further 153km of major roads will be added to the network around Shenzhen. Transport development works are also planned for the Bay Area.