New concrete construction technology at World of Concrete

New concrete construction technology is being unveiled at the upcoming World of Concrete exhibition in Las Vegas
Concrete milling, paving & compaction / January 22, 2020 2 mins Read
By David Arminas
The new generation Power Curbers 5700-D slipformer benefits from a series of improvements

Improved machines for slipforming, concrete production and transport are amongst the innovations being unveiled at the World of Concrete exhibition in Las Vegas.

Power Curbers is introducing the latest development of its highly successful 5700 slipformer, the 5700-D. The firm first introduced the 5700 model in 1985 and has developed the machine continuously, with the new 5700-D now replacing the well proven 5700-C.

The new machine is said to offer even greater versatility and productivity than the model it replaces. The 5700-D can be used for a wide array of slipforming duties including kerbs, sidewalks, barriers, ditches, paving, tunnels and specialised applications. Compact size, simple design, easy operation, high productivity and versatility are still the key features of the 5700-D according to the firm.  

An important new feature is the Power Curber SlipSmart control system, which is said to make the 5700-D more responsive and easier to operate. The system is simple to use as well as helping boost accuracy, for higher precision according to the firm. The SlipSmart controls are designed to interface with 3D stringless control systems from Leica Geosystems, Topcon and Trimble.

In addition to the new control system, the 5700-D benefits from a series of other improvements that help boost its versatility. These include an ‘all-up’ jog switch that raises or lowers all crawler posts simultaneously, improved cross-slope control, auto-calibration for the radius steer sensor, fine scaling of speed pots, an engine display instead of individual gauges and an easy-pivot conveyor. They also include a new vibrator master scaling knob allowing the operator to increase or decrease vibration across all vibrators while individual vibrator adjustments remain relative to each other and wires that are etched with a descriptive label matching the machine schematics. The upgrades also include a cold air dam between engine and console to improve cooling, a new wand-activated high-pressure water system, redesigned door latches with a single latch accessing the engine compartment, toolbox end doors and shovel holders at the conveyor. Meanwhile, improvements and additions to optional equipment include a new
canopy, improved low-pressure water system, and improved barrier lift kit with a reach of 1.22m.

Wirtgen is also broadening its range of machines for the slipforming market, with a new WPS 62i placer/spreader featuring two track units. For applications featuring preplaced reinforcing steel, the concrete is supplied from the side and Wirtgen’s new WPS 62i/WPS 62 can be used in this application. The WPS 62i/WPS 62 is offered with two different scraping units: in imperial units with working widths between 12’ and 24’ and in metric units with working widths from 4-7.5m. Both can lay concrete up to 500mm thick.

The equipment features a modular machine design with standard hydraulic quick-change couplings, allowing the WPS 62i/WPS 62 to be reconfigured and prepared for the respective job site situation or for transport.

The SP 124i/SP 124 offers a working width of up to 12m and is equipped with four steerable and slewing crawler units. It is also available with an optional new hydraulic rotational drive with a steering angle of up to 260°. The firm says that this machine is manoeuvrable, with its narrow profile and reduced track line allowing paving close to obstacles. In addition, the SP 124i/SP 124 can turn tightly to produce the next lane in the opposite direction. For transport, the swing legs move hydraulically, reducing the transition time from paving configuration.

The latest TCM 180i/TCM 180 is equipped with automatic spraying and brooming and provides the required surface texture. The spraying system prevents the fresh concrete surface from drying out prematurely, while the modular design of the TCM 180i/TCM 180 allows working widths from 4-18m.

Also available is the latest AutoPilot 2.0 3D control system, which allows the user to generate as many offset and inset profiles as required even more cost-effectively and precisely. The system can use an existing data model or create a new model on site, eliminating the need for a surveyor. It also eliminates the time-consuming measuring, mounting, and removal of stringlines. Wirtgen offers the AutoPilot 2.0 for the SP 15/SP 15i and SP 25/SP 25i models. It is also possible to upgrade existing machines with the new system.


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