Guinean road links planned

New Guinean road links are being planned.
Finance & Funding / May 12, 2022 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Guinea looks set to benefit from new road links in the north of the country, which are expected to cost US$175 million. The work will improve the transport connection, the N8, between Guinea’s second city, Labe, and the town of Mali (also known as Mali-ville). This will also provide and improve connection to neighbouring Senegal, as Mali is close to the border between the two nations.

A finance package worth $173.6 million is being provided in the shape of a loan from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). The remaining $1.4 million required will be provided by the Guinean Government.

The improvement work for the 107km route will be carried out in two stages. The 69km road between Labe and Yembering will be upgraded first. This will be followed by improvements to the 38km stretch between Yembering and Mali.
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