Road improvement works for Tanzania

Road improvement works are planned for Tanzania.
Finance & Funding / June 27, 2022 40 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Major new highway works will be carried out in Tanzania – image courtesy of © Ebastard129,

A new programme of road works is planned for Tanzania in a bid to boost the country’s transport links. A loan from the World Bank worth nearly US$546 million will help fund the improvement and maintenance works.

The programme will see 500km of roads benefiting from necessary upgrade work. Key road stretches to benefit will be the stretch connecting Mtwara with Mingoyo and Masasi that measures 101km, the 92km road between Lusahunga and Rusumo as well as the road linking Iringa with Msembe that measures 104km.

The works will be planned under the Tanzania Transport Integration Project (TanTIP). The work will help boost transport in Tanzania as well as for East Africa as a whole.
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