Tanzania’s road development plan

Tanzania is setting out plans for its road network development.
Maintenance / August 25, 2022 40 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A road development and bridge construction programme will benefit transport in Tanzania – image courtesy of © Ebastard129, Dreamstime.com

A series of road projects will be carried out in Tanzania in a bid to improve transport across the country. The programme will see 33,091km of roads benefiting from upgrade and improvement works as well as necessary maintenance. A budget of US$142 million has been set for the work.

The Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (Tarura) has signed 10 packages of work with local contractors for 969 separate works in the country. The programme will see maintenance work being carried out on 21,593km of the network and asphalt surfacing being laid on 424km of roads, as well as 11,074km roads benefiting from a new gravel surface. The plan will also see the construction of 269 bridges.