Romanian highway works commencing

Highway works are commencing in Romania.
Finance & Funding / July 15, 2022 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Work is due to commence for a new highway stretch in Romania - image courtesy of © Bigandt,
Work will commence in due course for the Lot 3 section of the Sibiu-Pitesti highway in Romania. This 37.5km stretch will be built by a partnership of Italian and Romanian contractors. Building the section is expected to take 57 months to complete and the work is worth €1.08 billion. Italian contractor Webuild has a 90% share of the package while its local partner, Tancrad, has the remaining 10% stake.

This will not be an easy road project to carry out by any means. The section includes the construction of no less than 95 bridges and viaducts, measuring a total 12.5km, as well as a 1.7km twin tube tunnel. In addition the work includes building two major junctions. Webuild is already working on another section of the highway, as well as being involved with the project for Romania’s landmark Braila Bridge, spanning the Danube River.

When it is complete, the Sibiu-Pitesti highway will measure 122km in length,  connecting central and western Romania to Europe’s highway network as part of the Rhine-Danube Corridor of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). The Romanian Government is providing 15% of the necessary funding, with the majority 85% stake being funded by the EU.

According to Webuild, the new highway will help reduce traffic congestion between Cornetu and Tigveni by proving an alternative route to national roads.
Meanwhile, contracts are being offered for three sections of the 77.4km highway linking Bacau and Pascani. The contracts are worth a total of €1.19 billion. The sections will all have to be ready for use in 30 months. The longest of the three sections is Lot 1, measuring 30.3km and linking Trifesti with Saucesti. The second longest stretch is Lot 3 and measures 28.1km, linking Pascani with Mircesti. Connecting Trifesti with Gheraiesti, Lot 2 measures 19km.
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