CIFA’s new plant and pump developments

CIFA is offering an improved batching plant line-up, along with introducing its newest pumps to the North American market
May 5, 2022
CIFA is offering an improved range of batching plants
CIFA is offering an improved range of batching plants

The EN FiveTech batching plant models are designed for the production of ready-mix concrete and are offered in four ranges: Diamond; Sapphire; Zircon; Dry.

The firm says that the range has been reorganised to offer plants that provide high performance, a high level of functionality and a long working life.

The units share a modular design that is said to offer versatility and feature an automated control system that allows a user to accurately and safely manage every stage of the batching process. The integration with CIFA’s Vista software means that a sophisticated telemetry system is now installed in all the units produced and sold by CIFA. The firm says that this innovation will make it possible to trace the entire production and supply chain for concrete used in each construction site.

The Diamond plants are the most advanced units and feature simple transport and assembly and an automated and finely controlled mixing process. This series has been designed with a view of optimising production costs for ready-mix producers, both for projects and for concrete production centres. The series consists of five models with production capacities of 50, 70, 100, 130 and 180m3/hour.

The Sapphire models share the advanced features of the Diamond models and have been designed to make handling easier during transport, suiting duties in remote sites across the world. These models are more optimised products compared to the Diamond series, but offer the same production capacities of 50, 70, 100, 130 and 180m3/hour, and the same modular configuration.

The Zircon models deliver a simpler solution that still provides high performance, durability and precision, with the same efficiency and product quality. These plants allow for ease of transport and installation, with outputs of 70-130m3/hour of concrete. The units have simpler structures and are available in configurations required by the market such as aggregate units with four or five compartments, up to four silos for cement and advanced double horizontal axis mixers with capacities of 1.7, 2.5 or 3.33m3.

The advanced Carbotech concrete pumps from CIFA are available in North America
The advanced Carbotech concrete pumps from CIFA are available in North America

The Dry models are for dry dosing markets and are semi-mobile plants that require simple foundations, can be transported with standard trucks or transport containers, reducing assembly and disassembly to a minimum. This series of modular dry loading plants features a novel cement dosing system fitted on the loading belt. This feature increases precision and speed when unloading into the mixer and reduces the quantities of raw materials used. The available production capacities are 8 – 3.5 – 5m3/cycle.

In addition, there are also the CIFA Wash recycling plants that have been designed for minimal maintenance and allow for the reuse of aggregates with the separation of solids measuring 0.15mm.

Meanwhile, CIFA is also offering its high end Carbotech concrete pump models in the North American market. These high performance machines feature the firm’s sophisticated Automatic Stability Control System, which is said to make the units easy-to-use. The pumps also offer feature carbon fibre construction for the upper boom sections, a distinctive feature allowing a lighter, stronger and better performing machine. For example, the Carbotech K47H has a boom designed to withstand intensive and long-term use. Like all the models in the Carbotech line, the K47H has all the optional extras included and is equipped with the firm’s advanced Smartonic electronic management system.

The CIFA Steeltech models are also now available in North America and can be customised to suit specific needs. Features include compact designs that allow operation in small stabilisation areas and durable steel booms.

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