Road Structures

March 28, 2024
€652 million of Romanian highway deals are being awarded.
March 26, 2024
The tender process is starting for a key Morocco motorway study.
March 26, 2024
A ship collision has caused a highway bridge collapse in Baltimore.
March 25, 2024
US$130 million Los Angeles interchange upgrade commencing.
March 20, 2024
Consent has been given for the UK’s £1.36 billion Trans-Pennine road upgrade.
March 19, 2024
Colombia’s massive road expansion programme is seeing delays.
March 14, 2024
US$471 million will be spent in Indiana on interstate interchange upgrade work.
March 13, 2024
US$250-$280m Uruguay bi-oceanic road connection tender set to open in Paraguay
March 12, 2024
The Sela Tunnel in India has been inaugurated by the country’s premier.
March 12, 2024
A US$191 million UAE road contract has been awarded.