Road Structures

July 24, 2024
Slovakia is investing in a transport infrastructure boost.
July 24, 2024
A US$202 million Indonesia toll road PPP will improve transport.
July 23, 2024
Webuild’s entrepreneuring former leader has passed away.
July 23, 2024
Morocco’s US$988 million motorway is nearing completion.
July 22, 2024
More than US$2 billion will be invested for two Vietnam highway projects.
July 19, 2024
Czech road projects have been awarded, with another due to open for tender.
July 16, 2024
A bridge costing up to €2 billion linking Finland and Sweden is being proposed.
July 16, 2024
A budget of US$504 million is being set for motorway upgrades around Casablanca in Morocco.
July 12, 2024
US$526 million is being invested for Tasmanian bridge works.
July 10, 2024
US$5.9 billion is being spent for three new expressways in the Philippines.