Road Structures

April 25, 2024
A bridge replacement over historic Route 66 forms part of Oklahoma’s US$5 billion turnpike widening.
April 25, 2024
Nigeria is planning a US$2 billion coastal highway.
April 24, 2024
A €600 million Macedonia motorway project is delayed.
April 22, 2024
The tender is open for an €845 million Albanian road project.
April 19, 2024
A US$211 million Philippines expressway construction project is restarting.
April 15, 2024
A US$153 million road upgrade project is now underway in New Zealand.
April 10, 2024
Virginia’s US$3.9 billion Hampton Roads Bridge - Tunnel project is delayed.
April 5, 2024
Skanska will handle a US$1.4 billion Seattle bridge replacement project.
April 3, 2024
A €3.5 billion highway link is planned for Bolgona, Italy.
April 2, 2024
Construction is underway for a US$603.5 million expressway in the Philippines.