Komatsu launches PW168-11 and PW198-11 wheeled excavators

The short-tailed wheeled excavator comes with either a 110kW or 129kW four-cylinder Komatsu diesel engine.
Earthmoving & soil compaction / April 22, 2024 1 minute Read
By Guy Woodford
Komatsu’s new PW198-11 wheeled excavator (image courtesyt Komatsu Europe)
Komatsu’s new PW198-11 wheeled excavator (image courtesyt Komatsu Europe)

Komatsu Europe has unveiled the PW168-11 and PW198-11 wheeled excavators. The pair expand the range of the successful short-tail wheeled excavators in the 16-20-tonne operating weight class.

Compact and easy to transport, powerful, comfortable, versatile, reliable and durable, the PW168-11 and PW198-11 respond to the most frequently expressed customer requests.

You can quickly transport your new Komatsu wheeled excavators to the next construction site without needing a special low-bed trailer and work with them in narrow, limited space. With a low transportation height of just 3.1m, transport on standard low-bed trailers with a loading height of up to 4m is possible. The short rear overhang of 1.85m (PW168-11) or 1.9m (PW198-11) is ideal for narrow construction sites.

Equipped with four-cylinder Komatsu diesel engines (110kW or 129kW), the new short-tail wheeled excavators dig, lift and pull away almost anything on your job site. These engines meet the current EU Stage V emissions standards and are factory-supplied with environmentally friendly HVO Diesel fuel as standard. The unique machine design with an optimised boom and rear engine enables enormous lifting performance to move heavy loads easily.

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